Who, what, and why Klondike Ultra

Pillars/Mission Statement: We will provide a fun exciting event suitable for individuals and families alike while building an excellent relationship with the community to provide a weekend experience that will be forever ingrained in your memories. We will strive to do everything possible to reduce our impact on the environment.

Fort Assiniboine Sandhills Wildland Prov Park is an area where Monty has spent many hours running the trails due to its rolling topography and beautiful vegetation. As the years went by he learned the significance of the Wildland park and would bring fellow runners to the park to share the unique area. In doing so, an idea came to mind; build an Ultra running event so that the Wildland park gets utilized in a way that is sustainable to the park and creates more awareness for areas such as these so they stay protected.

Wildland Sports Inc’s Vision and Core Values


Wildland Sports was created to provide the highest quality running events for trail runners in unique areas of Western Canada. With an organized event in a given area it will bring interest not only for the day, but for years afterward and with interest comes invaluable protection for our unique areas such as Wildland Parks. Runners hold a strong bond with the outdoors. We want to make sure that the areas that we love so much can be enjoyed by all and for many lifetimes. We are committed to putting in the work required to provide you with an exceptional race and weekend experience 


 Trail running events do have an impact on the environment. With that being said I believe as a Race Director it is my responsibility to minimize our impact as a whole.  We will consider as we move forward the best ways to minimize or reduce any negative impacts.  For example: paper over plastic when practical, no plastic cups, recycle bins, researching for the most environmentally friendly ways of hosting an event.. 


To create anything great takes effort, a whole lot of it and by many people! We will work closely with all of our partners to achieve our vision and support our values.


Throughout my life I have learned that communication is one of the most important aspects when operating a business. Therefore communication with the community will be of utmost importance. We need and have to collaborate with the community so all parties  want to be involved with us as a whole from race director, volunteers, sponsors, race equipment suppliers to participants. We will support the community by promoting the area to draw tourism, donate to the museum of Fort Assiniboine and provide scholarships to local high school students that show a vested interest in the environment, trail running and volunteering.