It is only possible to register on the internet and via secure payment by credit card.

Registration is personal. It is not permitted to transfer the entry to another person.

Wildland Sports Inc has the right to change the  entry fee for any race at any time.


Refund requests:
Before Feb 31st, 2021 – 60%
Feb 31st -March 31st, 2021 – 50%
March 31st – April 31st, 2021 – 40%
After April 31st 2021 – No Reimbursement.

Covid 19 Refund Policy:
If Klondike Ultra is forced to cancel due to Covid 19 restrictions, Klondike Ultra will refund your money 100% minus the raceroster fee. Please note that refunds will take approximately 2 weeks to be processed.


If any race event has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances eg: forest fire flooding, epidemic/disease, advised by government local, prov, or federal, weather, etc Wildland Sports Inc will compensate registrants if refunds are unavailable in a manner that deems appropriate.


  • The Kids 6km Klondike Dash-$40.00
  • Klondike 10km Rush- $75.00
  • The Dead Horse 27km-$120.00
  • The Little Klondike 50km-$155.00 *Minimum age is 18years old on race day.
  • The Klondike 100km-$225.00 *Minimum age is 18years old on race day.
  • The Dead Horse Relay 2-4runners- $480.00
  • Camping fee
    • RV camping per unit – $50.00 for the weekend.
    • Tent per tent- $25.00 for the weekend.

By registering for the Klondike Ultra, participants agree to respect the environment and the natural areas they pass through:

  • Littering is strictly forbidden (gel tubes, paper, organic waste, plastic wrappers…). Trash and recycle bins are available at each aid station and they must be used. 
  • All participants must keep their rubbish and wrappers with them until they can throw them in the bins provided at each aid station. The organization encourages runners to carry a bag or pouch in which to transport their waste to the next bin. 
  • You must follow the paths as they are way-marked, without short-cutting them. Short-cutting a path causes erosion thus damaging the site.
  • No disposable dishes (cutlery, cups, bowls) will be distributed. This is to reduce the plastic waste by runners, as well as by the volunteers of the event. We invite you to bring your own utensils if you wish to eat hot meals.


Klondike Ultra 100km

1st Place – Male/Female $1000

2nd Place -Male/Female  $500

3rd Place -Male/Female $250

Currently, there is no prize money offered for the other races. Additional prize money or awards will be determined by sponsorship and participant numbers. Finisher medals will be handed out to all participants.


Every competitor expressly forfeits the right for any images during the event, just as they renounce any right of appeal to the organizers and their partners for the use of their image. Only the organization can transfer this right for images to any media, via an accreditation or relevant license.

Wildland Sports Inc and Klondike Ultra are legally registered trademarks. All communication about the event or the use of images from the event must respect the name of the event, the registered trademarks and have official approval from the organization.


Race-bibs are handed over to each runner upon presentation of :

  • A valid photo ID and proof of entry.

The race-bib must be worn on the chest or stomach and must remain permanently and completely visible throughout the totality of the race. It must always be placed on top of all clothing and can in no case be positioned on a leg or pack.


  • Will not be allowed at Klondike, Newcache , or Central Aid Stations.
  • There will be a designated area/transition area at the start/finish line for the 100km and relay participants for crew members, and gear.
  • No gear can be stored beforehand for race purposes in the Wildland Park for any participant.


Check points are set-up along the route. Their location is not divulged by the organization. They are intended to be used as a safety tool in case a runner becomes overdue we will know their last known location.


  • Markers will be flags on wire approx two feet above the ground
  • Markers will be placed approx 100yrds apart from each other. ( If your running for a while and see no markers, turn back the way you came till you find a marker and proceed looking for the turn and marker that you missed.
  • WARNING: if you can’t see any way marker, turn back!
  • Each course will have a color specific marker, follow the colored marker that matches with your race distance.
  • Markers will be reflective to be visible for night travel.

Out of respect for the environment, no paint will be used on the trails.


  • It is not allowed to be accompanied by someone on course who is not registered in the race. Pacers are not allowed.


  • There are three aid stations within the Wildland Park.
  • No assistance is allowed at any of the aid stations as this will reduce the amount of traffic and reduces safety issues.


Klondike Ultra 100km – 1st lap, must leave Start/Finish area by 1:00pm- Race Ends 10:00pm

Little Klondike 50km- Race Ends 10pm

Dead Horse Relay 108km- Race Ends 10pm

The Dead Horse 27km- Race Ends 10pm

Klondike Rush 10km- Race Ends 10pm

Klondike Kids 6km- Race Ends 10:30am


  • Hydration device 1.5litre (we are a cupless event) – mandatory for the 27km, 50km, 100km events.


  • Gaiters: The sand does tend to end up in your shoes without gaiters. Over time it can act like sandpaper.
  • Emergency foil blanket: These are extremely light and if ever needed can be a lifesaver or at the very least make you more comfortable while you wait for help to arrive.
  • Bug repellent: Mosquitoes are present during the month of June, the year somewhat dictates whether you enjoy mother nature or not. 
  • Bear spray recommended, and perhaps mandatory pending wildlife activity.

There are areas on the course which if you are hurt and are unable to get to the nearest Aid Station you could be waiting an extended period of time for help to arrive as well as the amount of time to be extracted could be lengthy due to weather, terrain and location.